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Dreaming Methods is One to One Development Trust's award-winning digital storytelling studio. We create powerful and highly immersive electronic literature and experimental narrative games.

Literature. Redefined.

Dreaming Methods creates fictional experiences that go well beyond the confines of books and ebooks, generating captivating and immersive worlds that incorporate unique new ways of exploring reading and literacy


All the Delicate Duplicates

Narrative Games

Thanner Kuhai

Current Projects

Wallpaper VR

Current Projects

The Last Gas Station

Narrative Games

Perpetual Nomads

Current Projects

Inanimate Alice: Teachers’ Edition Suite


Narrative Games

New Birmingham

Current Projects

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Legacy Works

Dreaming Methods is responsible for some of the internet's earliest media-rich electronic literature. Our oldest work dates back over two decades.
You can view our legacy projects (around 30 works) on our previous website. Here's a curated selection.
* note that some require the Flash plugin to view

About us

We create create award-winning, ground-breaking digital narratives that push the boundaries of reading and literacy. With over twenty years experience we offer a range of expertise in the field of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling

We have an extensive track record and highly regarded reputation in the field of digital fiction, electronic literature and narrative games. Our work is known for its engaging stories, beautiful visuals and technical wizardry. Contact us if you want to create a story that is compelling and immersive.


As accomplished writers, film makers and digital artists, we can advise you on your digital storytelling ideas. From web-based narratives through game-making, to Virtual and Augmented Reality, we have experience across the board in collaborating with other writers/artists/makers and commissioners.

Training and Workshops

We run workshops and masterclasses in schools, universities and for organisations. From hands-on hypertext using Twine to the production of virtual story worlds using Unity, to advice on working in the Creative Industries. We provide mentoring, support, kit, resources and passion for our areas of expertise.

Supporters and judges of the New Media Writing Prize in association with Bournemouth University and if:Book UK 2010-2018

"Incredibly effective storytelling that will stick with you. All the Delicate Duplicates is a must-play..."

Defunct Games

"Impressive, literary and cinematic... a unique voice that couldn't be replicated in print."

Times Educational Supplement

"All The Delicate Duplicates is refreshing simply because it works the brain in ways that few other games even bother to try. It’s certainly a game that sticks with you." - 8.2 out of 10

Fuzzy Pixels

"Over ten years of true multimedia fiction."


"Dreaming Methods houses entire dreams... It's the closest one can come to living inside of a painting – or someone else's mind."

Jawbone TV

"Highlights the new possibilities of digital fiction."

New Scientist

“Dreaming Methods is an exercise in sustained stylistic grace and a profound engagement with digital literature."

David Jhave Johnston

A Chronology of Digital Poetry’s Ancestors and Contemporaries

“Intriguing, clever and original… produced on the edge of what’s possible.”

The Literary Platform

"A treasure-trove of multimedia collaborations with writers and poets."

The Huffington Post

“Dreaming Methods is complex, densely-textured and technically highly-accomplished... Andy Campbell is one of the leading exponents of the digital fiction form.”

Edward Picot


Get in Touch

If you're interested in creating a digital story no matter how simple or complex and would like to explore the possibilities, or would like to work with us on a new funded digital fiction project, or to arrange a training session or workshop with Andy Campbell, please drop us a line. We'd also be more than happy to hear your feedback or comments on our work.