The Abandoned Library

An immersive cross-genre experience that combines VR with literature and gaming

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In a future Northern England devastated by climate change, a young woman discovers an abandoned library where words have fused into the landscape, technology and architecture to create new stories


19 year old CJ is working as part of an environmental clean up operation to salvage valuable resources from a flooded and contaminated marshland, the haunting remains of a once-thriving coastal town. The world she inhabits leaves her feeling angry and displaced. She is living through the catastrophic consequences of previous generations' mistakes.

Taking shelter from an approaching storm, CJ ventures inside an old library, where she discovers a bizarre 'living' fusion of nature, language and technology. At its heart is The Librarian, a malfunctioned AI 'reading assistant' that has spent the last 80 years gathering data from its turbulent surroundings.

Affected by years of extreme temperatures and abnormal weather conditions, The Librarian is forming its own unique work of literature: a story of connectedness and hope that needs a strong and resilient protagonist.



An immersive experience that combines compelling audio/visuals and interactivity with a strong literary core

Step into a lush and intricately detailed environment where hardy wildlife scavenges for food and the extreme weather transforms around you in real time.

Accompany CJ into the Abandoned Library where words from the library's books have been absorbed into their surroundings, forming a rich medley of language, vegetation and wildflowers.

Encounter The Librarian, a simulated AI that subtly changes its narrative based on your/CJ's in-game observations and responses to the environment. What fragments of stories did you find and read? Which spaces did you explore?

Experience the story in VR, in game-form on PC/Mac, or on your mobile device through an interactive 360 film. Suitable for exhibition in art galleries.


Immersive narrative audiences
Literature, film and media Festivals
Exhibited in libraries
Readers (including reluctant readers)
Young people


Climate change
Power of knowledge
The resilience of art/literature
Female protagonist
Film restoration
Importance of library spaces


Virtual Reality
PC/Mac game
Mobile (360 film)


About Us

Originally the in-house games studio of arts charity One to One Development Trust before becoming a standalone entity in 2021, Dreaming Methods is a highly experienced and award-winning studio that creates immersive and compelling fictional experiences through VR, digital art and games, with a strong focus on reimagining writing and literacy.

Now as an independent studio we strive to create our own artistic projects with a commercial focus to support our growth and sustainability while adding to the creative richness and diversity of the region.

Led by Directors Andy Campbell and Judi Alston who have an extensive track record of producing engaging work around contemporary global issues for screening and exhibition including international festivals and events.

Dreaming Methods’ immersive stories are used in schools and universities worldwide as well as providing a focus for academic research. We co-developed the first ever digital story to be included in an English-language curriculum.

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Director and Lead Artist/Developer
Andy Campbell

Creative Producer/Lead Writer
Judi Alston

Spoken Word/Writers
Toria Garbutt
Dr Guddi Singh

Dean Hinchliffe

3D Modelling 
Tiara Ashworth

Evie Godfrey

Barry Snaith
Gesang Zhuza


"Dreaming Methods highlights the new possibilities of digital fiction."
- New Scientist

"Intriguing, clever and original... Produced on the edge of what's possible."
- The Literary Platform

"Impressive... a unique literary voice that couldn't be replicated in print."
- Times Education Supplement

"A very cool thing... Like a lost Black Mirror episode." 
- PC Gamer (review of WALLPAPER)

"The most compelling example of a literary game."
- Los Angeles Review of Books (review of All the Delicate Duplicates)