Our experimental digital fiction work spans over two decades and is presented through a range of techologies.

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The End

A digital poem that gets consumed by a parasite.
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An experimental digital poem and sound-toy about manipulative behaviour patterns.
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A browser-based digital poem exploring the pursuit of 'success' and other materialistic things.
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A three-part browser-based digital poem that explores a parasitic human relationship.
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Remain alive in a glass city under infinite surveillance. A first-person narrative game for PC and VR.


A girl connects with a malevolent force in this coming-of-age quiz and first-person story-game.


An interactive electronic literature application that explores code poetry as 3D shapes and textures.
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The Dead Tower

A playable work of poetry set within a wrecked landscape dominated by a huge tower
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Nightingale’s Playground

In 1989, a schoolboy's best friend vanishes, leaving behind only a mysterious notebook.
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A traumatised teenage girl hides beneath a roadway tunnel.
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A mysterious package arrives through the post containing a small plastic fish.
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Last Dream

An interactive poem exploring the final surreal dream of a blind old man.
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A childhood inspired by John Christopher's The Tripods comes vividly back to life.
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Dim O’Gauble

A young boy experiences frightening visions which he shares only with his grandmother.
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Fragments of narratives left behind after a mysterious apocalyptic event.
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The Flat

Explore remnants of narratives left behind in an abandoned council flat.
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The Diary of Anne Sykes

A chaotic shape-shifting journal of writhing and part-hidden texts.
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The Rut

A would-be author never gets past the completion of the first few pages of his book.
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Found Floppy

An old and half-corrupt floppy disk found on a deserted road holds a disturbing narrative.
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An experimental and part computer-generated abstract poem inside a glass jar.
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Book of Waste

Bleak and uncompromising experimental short fiction with new media interventions.
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A poetic digital narrative exploring physical appearance and self-identity.
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A work of urban horror exploring a dark and twisted identity,
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Inside: A Journal of Dreams

An elderly man keeps a surreal record of his dreams.
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An experimental poem etched into a scanned piece of crumpled paper
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The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam

One man's darkly comic search for his missing wife.