The Abandoned Library

A PC VR experience and 360 film exploring climate change, displacement and AI


In a future devastated by climate change, CJ, a young poet working as part of an environmental clean up operation on the flooded east coast of Northern England, tries to make sense of the fragmented world around her.

Featuring spoken word poetry performed by Toria Garbutt, archive film from the Yorkshire and North East Film Archive, an entity called The Librarian (Dr Guddi Singh) and advanced realtime 3D weather and water simulations.

What do I get?

  • PC VR version for use with gaming PCs and tethered headsets
  • 360 film versions in monoscopic and stereoscopic 3D for Quest headsets
  • Technical support and documentation

Technical specs and requirements

The Abandoned Library is a 14-minute PC VR experience for tethered headsets/gaming laptops with an accompanying 360 film provided in 4k Monoscopic and 8k Stereoscopic formats. The PC VR version requires a VR-capable laptop or desktop and a Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive or Quest headset with Link cable. The 360 film is compatible with DeoVR Player for Quest 2 and 3.

All purchases include technical support via email.

Option 1 : Personal Licence £6.99
Personal use only for 1 headset

Option 2 : Education Licence £149
For use in schools, colleges, universities, galleries, museums and libraries on upto 5 headsets

Option 3 : Extended Education Licence £269
For use in schools, colleges, universities, galleries, museums and libraries on upto 10 headsets with 1 hour live online lecture from Dreaming Methods (time to be arranged)

Option 4 : In-person Workshop/Event £600 approx
A bespoke workshop with 3 VR headsets ready to go facillitated by two experienced DBS-checked lead artists including public liability insurance. Travel TBC. Suitable for age 8+. Contact us to discuss options +44 (0)7901 686142.

Logos Abandoned Extended

"The Abandoned Library uses tech to create a moving and powerful experience dealing with environmental disaster. It has widened access to immersive technology and raised awareness of global issues at the same time.”

- Neil Parmar, Escape Technology

"Exquisite storytelling... incredible attention to detail... beautifully written... very moving and powerful."

- MIX Storytelling in Immersive Media Conference, The British Library 2023

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