Digital Fiction Curios

"Digital Fiction Curios has blown my mind... It opens up new conversations on digital preservation."

Stella wisdom, digital curator, the british library

Many of Dreaming Methods' earliest stories were created in Flash, a technology that was removed from all major web browsers in 2020. Digital Fiction Curios archives and re-purposes three of our Flash works originally made as far back as 1999 and makes it possible to explore them in VR.

As a reader/player, Curios places you inside a mysterious ‘curiosity shop’ where all manner of historical items and gadgets can be picked up and explored. Almost everything on show was created digitally decades ago.

Curios was made working with Professor Alice Bell from Sheffield Hallam University, funded through the University’s Creating Knowledge Impact Acceleration Account. The music is by Chris Joseph.

Curios has appeared at the Electronic Literature Organisation Conference in Cork and The British Library in 2019. It featured at the New Media Writing Prize 10 year anniversary at Bournemouth University and at the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling in 2020.


Note that Digital Fiction Curios is a proof of concept prototype and best viewed in VR

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