Creating Digital Fiction: Hands-On

Dreaming Methods offer a series of unique workshops on the production of digital fiction and interactive stories with digital artist/writer/developer Andy Campbell and film-maker/digital artist Judi Alston. We bring a friendly, down-to-earth and hugely enthusiastic artist/writer-led approach to software training - awesome techniques with fast and rewarding results, no coding involved and no technical jargon.

Digital Storytelling with Unity

This workshop is designed for artists/writers who are completely new to Unity but would like to learn the basics fast and uncover the potential - without worrying about writing code. Take a tour of the interface, then drive straight in and create a small interactive narrative-driven scene using free 3D models and an assortment of digital assets. Publish your output and take it home on a Flash drive. 

Virtual Reality Storytelling

A hands-on introduction to creating digital stories in Virtual Reality using Unity. Take a tour of Unity's interface and functionality, download a bundle of free assets, and then step-by-step build an amazing VR scene and step into it through the Oculus Rift. No previous VR experience necessary - and no coding involved.

Interactive Fiction with Twine

Aimed at writers/English/new media students - or anyone wanting to create online interactive stories that incorporate rich media (images, audio, video) and branching narratives - this workshop explores how to use Twine, a free online tool with advanced capabilities. Dream up an interactive work of fiction from scratch or adapt one of the stories we provide as a starter. 

Forthcoming workshops

'Virtual Words' - VR Storytelling & Twine

Peterborough Central Library, UK - August 14th and 21st 2018
Workshop for young people. Please contact us for details.

Surround VR Gallery Launch

Experience work created by SurroundVR's participants earlier this year using Tilt Brush in a zero-gravity VR exhibition space! 26 September 2016 @ The Art House, Wakefield. Part of Wakefield Art Walk.

Digital Storytelling using Twine

Metal, Peterborough, UK - 20th October 2018 

If you're interested in attending one of our workshops or would like to commission us to deliver a workshop for you or your organisation, please contact us for details