Portfolio Category: XR

Abandoned C3 scaled

The Abandoned Library

An environmental worker uncovers an abandoned library where books and technology have fused into the architecture and landscape. Coming soon.
monoliths square


Three women. Three voices. The northern landscape. Shortlisted for the XR Art Prize at London Film Festival 2022. With Pilot Theatre.


A series of four evocative visual stories for mobile and Virtual Reality.
curios unbranded

Digital Fiction Curios

A unique digital archive of early Flash-based electronic literature for PC and Virtual Reality.
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The Water Cave

Poetry written inside a gigantic flooded cave for web browsers and Virtual Reality.
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A Virtual Reality experience for desktop and mobile encouraging new and creative playwriting.
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Perpetual Nomads

An Inanimate Alice adventure in Virtual Reality set in a remote desert.
Glass City 4


Remain alive in a glass city under infinite surveillance. A first-person narrative game for PC and VR.
tower 1

The Dead Tower

A playable work of poetry set within a wrecked landscape dominated by a huge tower