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Inanimate Alice

New editions of the multi-lingual browser-based adventure following a girl who grows up wanting to be a games designer. Coming soon.

The Abandoned Library

An environmental worker uncovers an abandoned library where books and technology have fused into the architecture and landscape. Touring festivals now.
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A collaboration between Pilot Theatre and One to One Development Trust. Three women. Three voices. The northern landscape.
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Lost Oasis

An experimental work of electronic literature set inside a colourful ecosystem. Coming Soon.
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A fantasy reading and roleplay adventure that combines an interactive digital story with immersive live theatre.


A series of four evocative visual stories for mobile and Virtual Reality.
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Digital Fiction Curios

A unique digital archive of early Flash-based electronic literature for PC and Virtual Reality.
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The Water Cave

Poetry written inside a gigantic flooded cave for web browsers and Virtual Reality.
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A Virtual Reality experience for desktop and mobile encouraging new and creative playwriting.

All the Delicate Duplicates

A single father and his daughter inherit a collection of objects that start to bend reality.
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Perpetual Nomads

An Inanimate Alice adventure in Virtual Reality set in a remote desert.
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New Birmingham

A dystopian story and series of spoken word poems that explore mental health issues.

The Last Gas Station

The sixth episode of the award-winning digital fiction series Inanimate Alice.
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Inanimate Alice: Hometown 2

The fifth interactive episode in the Inanimate Alice digital novel series.


A computer engineer returns to his family home in rural England to uncover long-buried secrets.