Dim O’Gauble

A young boy experiences frightening visions which he shares only with his grandmother

Created by Andy Campbell in 2007

Dim O’Gauble, which is included in the European eLiterature Collection, follows the glimpsing story of an elderly woman reflecting on her grandson’s nightmarish – possibly paranormal – visions of the future. Told through a densely textured, mouse-responsive graphical environment, the work presents the user/reader with a series of transient texts, some of which change/mutate or float/disappear over time, intending to reflect the very nature of the hazy/difficult memories being uncovered.

Progression through Dim O’Gauble is achieved by clicking on the various arrows visible in the graphical backgrounds, which quickly shift the viewport around the ‘canvas’ of the piece. In addition, various sub-sections of the narrative can be discovered by clicking on hotspots in the text.

Download Dim O’Gauble for PC (ZIP, 14mb)

Once downloaded, unpack the ZIP file and double-click on the Dim-O-Gauble EXE file to run the project. No installation is required.

Launch the original work

The original version of the project requires Adobe Flash Player

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