Inanimate Alice: Teachers’ Edition Suite

A suite of five digital stories from the Inanimate Alice series for PC/Mac

Funded by The Bradfield Company
Originally released in 2016

Inanimate Alice is an episodic digital novel series for which Dreaming Methods’ Andy Campbell is currently the Lead Developer. The Teachers’ Edition Suite is the first 5 episodes of the series made available immediately from a click on an icon on the desktop. Gone are download times and slow connections, the story is accessible immediately, anytime, anyplace. What’s more, users can go directly to the desired scene/passage, jump ahead or go back to any segment of the story.

Inanimate Alice episodes 1-4 were designed by Chris Joseph and written by Kate Pullinger. Episode 5 was created by Andy Campbell and written by Kate Pullinger with music by Chris Joseph. The series producer is Ian Harper.

The Teachers’ Edition Suite is available to licence for individuals and classrooms 

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