The Flat

Explore the remnants of memories left behind in an abandoned council flat

Created in 2006 by Andy Campbell

The Flat is a mouse-responsive work of digital poetry set inside an abandoned council flat. It is included in the ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature and has been featured in numerous online journals.

“A first person point-of view invites the reader, despite her growing trepidation, to enter into a flat; its rooms full of evidences of the people who once were there. Text snippets hang shivering in the air, voices and sounds hover around you as you pass through the rooms. The sounds add to the feeling of discomfort and pressure, as does the clock that is ticking down in the top corner of the screen. As the reader’s minutes are up, the exploration forcibly ends, leaving the narrative and spatial experience unexplored and unsolved.” (ELMCIP Anthology description). Photography by Tristan Campbell.

The Flat is being re-imagined in Virtual Reality as part of the Digital Fiction Curios project.

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