The Water Cave

A Virtual Reality experience about wrestling with depression and finding hope against all odds

A short work of digital poetry in Virtual Reality

An elemental metaphor about wrestling with depression, The Water Cave – or ‘Thanner Kuhai’, the first work of electronic literature to be available in Tamil – transports the reader/player into an immersive environment where language becomes intertwined with nature in a flooded subterranean world. Navigate tunnels and passageways teeming with strange life and shadows of words. Submerge beneath the water. Or seek escape to the surface.

Featured at the Electronic Literature Organisation Conference Media Show in Montreal (2017), The Water Cave will next be shown as part of the Madrid International Literature Festival’s ‘FUERA DE PÁGINA (OUT OF PAGE) exhibition at Matadero Madrid.

Play now in the browser*

* Requires Chrome, Firefox or Opera, a computer with a graphics card and at least 8GB memory

Buy the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality version on for $5.

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