Release notes

Please note that the work is still currently in development, so you may find bugs and issues. Recommended spec: PC/laptop that can handle reasonably modern 3D games and/or a VR-ready PC/laptop & Oculus Rift/Touch if you wish to experience the work in Virtual Reality (GTX970 or higher graphics card recommended). Thanner Kuhai has not been developed for (or tested on) the HTC Vive yet and there is currently no Mac version. Also note that to enable left hand Touch navigation support, simply press the X and Y buttons on the left Touch controller to wake it up. This release includes improved keyboard/mouse handling and basic gamepad support.


Useful Commands

Press SHIFT+Q to quit
Press SHIFT+R to reboot
Press SHIFT+C to turn on cinematic anti-aliasing *
Press SHIFT+V to turn off cinematic anti-aliasing

* note that this feature is experimental and although it removes all trace of 'pixel shimmering' in VR, it is quite processor-demanding.


We have developed this work as a personal project and are offering it for free download. We hope you enjoy it. If you find the work engaging/interesting, please send your reactions and/or feedback to or drop us a line on Twitter @dreamingmethods. Thank you!