Capped II



Capped II

Year: 2006
Technologies: Photoshop/Painter Vue 6 Infinite


Capped II is an unreleased follow up to Capped written and developed by Andy Campbell in 2006. Inspired by John Christopher’s The White Mountains, a children’s science fiction novel, Capped is a mouse-responsive digital fiction about half-remembered childhood memories and a possible alien invasion. It was published in Flash and contained black and white photography that mixed real world landscapes with super-imposed ‘alien tripods’ and filmic special FX. Capped II was a proposed colour-version sequel, with the idea that it might be entirely rendered using Vue 6 Infinite (at the time, a powerful 3D rendering software package.)

The graphics from Capped II show a huge cornfield which would later appear in Last Dream as a short animated sequence. The project developed into a series of experimental stills playing with lighting conditions and weird tentacled alien machines, but was abandoned in 2007. There are no playable demos.

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