Our Organisation

Dreaming Methods is One to One Development Trust's in-house digital storytelling studio 

Established in 1999 by digital writer/artist Andy Campbell, Dreaming Methods is the award-winning studio of UK-based arts organisation One to One Development Trust.

From narrative-driven games and educational tools to Virtual Reality poetry, Dreaming Methods' core interest is in how digital art and technology can be used to tell compelling stories and encourage reading and literacy in an age where TV, online media and video games are dominant mediums.

We have a 30 year history of producing ground-breaking digital work. With a core team of staff, an active Board of Trustees, and a dedicated team of highly skilled freelance artists, we work collaboratively with communities to co-produce projects creating ownership and legacy. We often work with marginalised communities and groups who are on the periphery of the mainstream arts offer. 

See examples of our work in our portfolio and contact us for more information.

Who we are


Andy Campbell

Andy is founder and lead writer/developer for Dreaming Methods and the Digital Director of One to One Development Trust. His work as a digital artist combines literature, gaming and immersive technologies spanning over 20 years and has won many international awards. Andy is a speaker and workshop leader of masterclasses in Unity and digitally-delivered storytelling. He is the lead developer of Inanimate Alice, an episodic work of digital fiction for young adults and the first digital text to be included on a National Curriculum, currently used in multilingual education worldwide. 


Judi Alston

Judi is a digital artist and writer for Dreaming Methods and the Creative Director/CEO of One to One Development Trust. Judi has a long track record as a documentary film director, producer, camera person and editor. Through narrative games and digital storytelling Judi has developed her interests and talents as a writer and artist drawing on her experiences of working internationally and with often marginalised communities. 

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New Media Writing Prize

Supporters and judges of the New Media Writing Prize since 2010

Dreaming Methods supports, judges and designs and hosts the website for the New Media Writing Prize (NMWP), an international digital writing competition established by Bournemouth University. The main prize is £1000 donated by if:book UK.

Now in it's 11th year, the New Media Writing Prize showcases exciting and inventive stories and poetry that integrate a variety of formats, platforms, and digital media. 

The NMWP has attracted entries from many innovative writers in the field from all around the world. For the 2019 competition Dreaming Methods officially launched Digital Fiction Curios and presented the work at The British Library in London.

The Prize includes many sub-categories and is open to students.