Year: 2012
Collaborators: Kate Pullinger
Technologies: Android Flash HTML5 iOS


Duel is an unreleased and unfinished digital fiction ‘thriller’ created by Andy Campbell and Kate Pullinger. The project was developed using Flash, Air and HTML5 to create a variety of versions, and published as a prototype online, for Android, and for iOS. Unlike the majority of Dreaming Methods Flash projects this one was created using ActionScript 3 rather than 2 to give it a wider range of potential platforms.

Based around characters that appear in Kate’s novel Landing Gear and a sub-plot that is hinted at towards the end of the story, Duel uses full-screen video sequences and parallax effects combined with large on-screen texts to generate a sense of urgency and tension.

Episode 1 was presented as a live performance at the ELMCIP Remediating the Social conference in Edinburgh in 2013. See below for online and downloadable resources.

The Duel project resulted in a lot of source code and versions. It also generated an interesting approach to writing a script where desktop, tablet and mobile versions were split into boxes per-scene to highlight any platform-specific changes or tweaks. Only one very short episode was produced, divided into two parts.

Download the original script (PDF)
Download the Development Journal (PDF)

Download for Android
Download for iOS

Download Episode 1 SWF
Download Episode 1 FLA (source) 

Play Open Source
Play in Flash via Ruffle (not currently working)

Following the development of the ‘app’ version of Duel, Andy Campbell also started work on a potential ‘video game version’ using the Coppercube game engine. This did not progress far but included some interesting camera movements and a basic 3D environment.

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