Ebb & Flow



Ebb & Flow

Year: 2011
Collaborators: Kate Pullinger
Technologies: Flash HTML5


Ebb and Flow is a collaborative digital fiction project exploring the often contradictory concepts of technology and literature. Digital fiction, with the creative process at its heart, uses a spectrum of digital techniques to develop, extend and communicate stories. A contemporary take on the timeless art of telling tales. This is the eighth collaborative arts project the partners have undertaken over the past decade. The project was funded by the Department for Education under the Independent / State Schools Partnership Scheme.

Students, teachers, and writers worked together to think about new ways of telling stories. Dreaming Methods created and hosted the website to hold the results of the project, which was previously available at ebbflow.co.uk

This archive contains a browsable version of the original site, which used a combination of Flash and HTML5. The Flash-based newspaper by the ‘Flying B’s’ still needs work to emulate fully, with many pages failing to load (via Ruffle and JavaScript).

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