Inkubus (WebGL)



Inkubus (WebGL)

Year: 2012
Collaborators: Chris Joseph Christine Wilks
Technologies: Coppercube Flash WebGL


Inkubus is a collaboration between Andy Campbell and Christine Wilks, first prototyped in Coppercube and then developed into a full experimental game in Unity. The Coppercube version was published in Flash but the later using WebGL (available to play through the link below). Compared to the Unity version it is considerably less developed, and due to the sheer size/number of textures used in the WebGL version, it sometimes crashes browsers. However this was the most ambitious project Dreaming Methods ever undertook using the Coppercube engine.

A first-person coming-of-age story-game, Inkubus merges an interactive quiz with atmospheric graphics and 1st person exploration. With creeping awareness, a teenage girl/the player struggles with insidious gender stereotyping, where womanhood is rendered as malleable and polymorphic as a digital doll, that literally threatens to drain her of life. The opening soundtrack was created by Chris Joseph. It was exhibited at the Electronic Literature Organisation’s ‘Hold the Light’ conference in 2014 and featured in the DISCORPIA exhibition in April 2019.

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